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I finished Toxic Game and the publisher has already put together a great cover for it!

Talking about Gino from Covert Game over on my Goodreads blog! Covert Game's Gino "Phantom" Mazza

Find out more about the heroine from Covert Game - Covert Game's Heroine: Zara Hightower

COVERT GAME will be out in paperback October 2nd!

I'm talking about the GhostWalker series over on Goodreads! Where to Begin in the Series: GhostWalkers

Covert Game is now out -- FYI: It's my 75th book. . . Enjoy!

Covert Game will be out in just a few weeks! If you'd like a sneak peek of the new book trailer you can find it in my online community with some other goodies and lively discussion!

I plan on writing blogs about the GhostWalkers and specifically about Covert Game on my Goodreads blog the week of the book release. You can find my Goodreads blog here.

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Covert Game

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Covert Game

It was a suicide mission to save a woman they weren't sure they could trust, but Gino Mazza had seen her photo and couldn't stop thinking about her. He would save her or die trying. So, when he finds her, tortured and afraid, his instincts kick in. Zara Hightower is an expert in Artificial Intelligence with a special ability that has Whitney sending her to China to covertly take back the stolen GhostWalker information. Her chance to escape the men torturing her, and Whitney comes in the form of a scarred man she finds she can't be without. Danger is following them home and everyone wants what Zara has downloaded into her brain.

Covert Game

Power Game

An old enemy and a new threat team up to bring a war home to New Orleans, right to the front door. International espionage and betrayal that even Dr. Whitney would never allow has spiraled into a confrontation that will forever change the GhostWalkers. One that not everyone will survive.

Power Game

Spider Game

She is an experiment gone wrong. Deadly as she is beautiful. He is a GhostWalker, lethal, dangerous. He has to stop her before his team does. Not just to save her, but to save them. But he is caught in her web in more ways than one. Paranormal suspense meets erotic romance.

Spider Game

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Covert Game — Inside the Characters

Zara Hightower was always going to be a complex character. I knew she was brilliant. Off the charts brilliant. Beautiful, which she didn't see as a resource, or use as a resource. Her main focus would always be her "sisters". Their lives mattered even more than her own. She would do anything for the . . .

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Where to Begin in the Series: GhostWalkers

The GhostWalkers are my second largest series with 14 books currently in that series and another one that I'm currently writing. As you likely know by now, I write all of my books to be stand alone stories. You can read them in any order and you'll have a full story. But, like most series there is o . . .

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This Week's CF News!

Covert Game was released on Tuesday and it's exciting to see so many people loving the book. If you're on Twitter I hope you'll use #CovertGame so I can find your comments or tag me @AuthorCFeehan. CF on Twitter I'm super excited that Entertainment Weekly celebrated the release of my 75th boo . . .

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