Lightning Game

Danger and passion fuse in this electrifying GhostWalker novel from #1 New York Times bestselling author Christine Feehan.

GhostWalker Rubin Campos's rough upbringing made him into the man he is today: strong, steadfast, and wary of outsiders. When he and his brother return to their family's homestead in the Appalachian Mountains, he can immediately sense that a stranger has taken up residence in their cabin &mdash a woman who just happens to be a GhostWalker too.

Jonquille is deceptively delicate, but clearly a fighter. She also doesn't seem to care that Rubin could kill her where she stands. She sought him out, wanting to connect on their shared interest in electrical charges. One of the first failed GhostWalker experiments, Jonquille can produce lightning with her body, but she can't control it.

Their connection is magnetic, their abilities in sync. Rubin knows she's his match, the answer to a lifetime of pain and intense loneliness. But Jonquille came to him with hidden intentions, ones that threaten to destroy their bond before it can truly begin....

Christine's Notes

Christine Feehan
The research for this book was so fascinating to me. I learned so much about lightning; Ball Lightning, strategies different countries use to weaponize lightning and how they try to harness its power. I learned how they try to divert its destructive power away from crops and cities.
I also learned a great deal about the Appalachian Mountains and its people. It's such a vast and beautiful place.

My hero, Rubin, is such an extraordinary mix of gentleman and predator. And the hero is strong and full of heart.

This book is so full of twists and surprises that it even shocked me! I have no doubt it is going to shock my readers as well.

Christine Feehan

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Lightning Game

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GhostWalkers ,
Book 17

Release Date: March 2, 2021
Number of Pages: 400 pages
Publisher: Berkley
Language: English
ISBN: 0593333098

Lightning Game (GhostWalkers, #17)

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