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There's some controversy in my new book, Judgment Road, and I wanted to talk about that in this blog post over on Goodreads: A Controversial Strength.

Judgment Road made it to #1 on the New York Times bestseller list! It did so well on so many prestigious lists and I want to thank all of my readers for their support.

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Judgment Road

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Judgment Road

Reaper is the enforcer for the motorcycle club and his past is catching up with him. Trained as an assassin. Abused as a child. He's quiet, reserved and deadly as hell. So when he can't get Anya, the new bartender, out of his mind he wants her fired. He can't have that kind of distraction. Reaper is his own brand of danger and Anya knows it. But, the danger she's hiding from keeps her at the Torpedo Ink owned bar. And the longer she's around him, the harder it is to resist him.

Judgment Road

A Controversial Strength- Torpedo Ink

Judgment Road hero Reaper has a dark and horrible past. He was taken by criminals who murdered his parents and both he and his brother Savage were put into a "school" that taught them to be assassins, and where they were brutally abused in every way imaginable. Reaper was very young when he wa . . .

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Torpedo Ink Isn't in Sea Haven, But it's Close

I wanted to talk about the differences between the series set in or around Sea Haven. The Drake Sisters and the Sisters of the Heart are about family, sisters, a sisterhood. The women these stories are about are magical, compassionate, empathetic, loving, funny women. Even with the challenges man . . .

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Judgment Road Round Up- At A Glance Information

Today is the release day for Judgment Road! There are several blogs, interviews and information out there and I thought I would put as much as I can into on place- Here! THE BOOK Judgment Road landing page on my website- Entire First Chapter - Here Judgment Road Book . . .

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