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In preparation for the January 2019 release of Vengeance Road we're gearing up with a lot of fun goodies. The book trailer is up in the community already! My team created a fun game to play in January over on Goodreads that tells you the name of your MC and what they do. Recorded Books is sending a couple of audio snippets from the Vengeance Road audiobook that I'll be sharing. We have some behind the scenes photos and blog from the Vengeance Road book trailer production. I put together a short playlist for the book that will be on my Goodreads blog. Lots going on!

Christine has just written a short Christmas story as a fun, special gift for her readers! The story was inspired by Vengeance Road, her upcoming Torpedo Ink book. The story is in her online community here. Not a member of her community yet? It's free, and you can join here.

Vengeance Road will be out in January and USA Today has an excerpt from it to share! USA Today Vengeance Road excerpt!

There's been interest in how much the Torpedo Ink series will include characters from the Drake Sisters or Sea Haven series so I thought I'd talk a little bit about that over on Goodreads Torpedo Ink Isn't in Sea Haven, But it's Close

Check out the new cover for Vengeance Road!

There's some controversy in my new book, Judgment Road, and I wanted to talk about that in this blog post over on Goodreads: A Controversial Strength.

Judgment Road made it to #1 on the New York Times bestseller list! It did so well on so many prestigious lists and I want to thank all of my readers for their support.

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Vengeance Road

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Judgment Road

Latest Torpedo Ink Series BookTrailers

Vengeance Road

When the VP of Torpedo Ink, Steele, sees the woman he's never gotten out of his system he'll do anything to keep her. But, her secret will change his life forever.

Vengeance Road

Judgment Road

Reaper is the enforcer for the motorcycle club and his past is catching up with him. Trained as an assassin. Abused as a child. He's quiet, reserved and deadly as hell. So when he can't get Anya, the new bartender, out of his mind he wants her fired. He can't have that kind of distraction. Reaper is his own brand of danger and Anya knows it. But, the danger she's hiding from keeps her at the Torpedo Ink owned bar. And the longer she's around him, the harder it is to resist him.

Judgment Road

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The MC Game Celebrating Vengeance Road!

We've started the party and you're invited! Vengeance Road will be released January 29th and we're already celebrating! Today I've got something fun for you! It's a game where you find out about your own motorcycle club! Be sure to share in the comments so I can see your club name and what the club . . .

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A Torpedo Ink Christmas Vignette

The roar of the Harleys could be heard long before they turned off of Highway 1 toward the farm where the president of Torpedo Ink resided with his wife Blythe and his four children. Czar had put a call out for the club members to come. When he called, they answered, and they did so quickly, without . . .

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Where to Start a Series: Sea Haven

Drake Sisters, Sisters of the Heart/Sea Haven and Torpedo Ink All of the books are written to be stand alone books, but a series is meant to offer a fuller experience, often with an additional story arc that ties them all together. It also allows a reader to become familiar with, not only charact . . .

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