Betrayal Road

Deception cuts deep in the next propulsive novel in #1 New York Times bestselling author Christine Feehan's Torpedo Ink motorcycle club series.

The stranger frequenting Azelie Vargas's local coffee shop is a sight to behold. He's tall, dark, muscular, and a complete distraction. She's worried one look from his striking silver eyes will have her acting a fool. But it's not a look that sets Azelie aflame — it's the way he boldly tells her every dark, dirty thing he'd like to do to her. She should be scandalized. Instead, all she wants to do is say yes.

Andrii "Maestro" Federoff is in San Francisco on club business. Torpedo Ink needs information to bust up a human trafficking ring, and Maestro has found his mark. After weeks of stealthy observation, he's not sure if Azelie is involved directly, or if she's just working for some bad people. What he does know is that he needs to get close to her fast, and soon he can't get enough.

What began as a setup quickly turns real. But no matter how hot they burn, Maestro's betrayal could leave their hearts smoldering in the ashes....

Christine's Notes

Christine Feehan
Sometimes I think I know exactly how a character is going to react when they find someone to love. I was worried about writing Maestro's book because he was so opinionated. He was so sure of how he'd be with his woman and how she would have to be for him. Then, I started writing and Maestro wasn't who I thought he was going to be. Yes, he is still hardened by his past. Yes, he is still very dangerous. Threaten his woman and you find out exactly how dangerous.
The book is called Betrayal Road for a reason.
Maestro has to go undercover to help stop a human trafficking ring. While investigating he targets the person he thinks can help get the information they need. A woman named Azelie. She's beautiful, brilliant, sweet and it's his job to seduce her, make her love him, and get the information he needs. And if she is part of it ...kill her.
As funny as this may sound, I loved her and worried about her. I didn't want her to be with a jerk. I didn't want her heartbroken. She is one of those heroines you really feel for and would want to be. I worried about how his betrayal would change her. She surprised me as much as he did. This turned into such a love story. And it's Torpedo Ink, so you can expect adventure, a twist, and lots of emotion. Maestro knows what it's like to be betrayed. Now the question is - will he betray the woman who's made him a better man in order to save the victims of this human trafficking ring?

— Christine Feehan

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Betrayal Road

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Betrayal Road (Torpedo Ink, #9)

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