Savage Road

#1 New York Times bestselling author Christine Feehan explores uncharted territory in the new Torpedo Ink Motorcycle Club novel.

When Savin "Savage" Pajari and Seychelle Dubois first met, their connection was instant, their attraction undeniable. Their relationship has been full throttle since day one. Even though months have passed, the passion and love between them has only increased.

Savage completely owns what he is: a sadist in the bedroom who can only get off on his partner's pain. He believes he's not a good man, but he loves Seychelle with a fierceness that shocks him. He wants all of her, but only if she gives herself freely with eyes wide open.

Seychelle never imagined the lure of mixing pain with pleasure, or how much she'd crave Savage's darkness. She's been shaken to her core, but Seychelle is committed to Savage and their life together—even though he's keeping a piece of himself back. And to truly make their relationship work, he has to give her everything that he is, just as she is doing for him.

Savage knows that what he really needs could break his woman if she isn't ready. She agreed to come into his world, and he's not about to give her up. He has to find a way to let her see the monster inside without pushing her away. But the real Savage might be more than Seychelle can bear... and he knows he wouldn't survive losing her.

Christine's Notes

Christine Feehan
Dear Reader,

When I first began to form the idea of Torpedo Ink, I knew it was going to be a very gritty, edgy and raw series, certainly not for everyone. In fact, at first, although I had to write the stories because I felt it was necessary, I doubted if I would ever publish them.

I had learned over the years that males, when molested, were often not given the same treatment as female victims. Often families were too ashamed to have the child go into counseling. They didn't want friends and family to know what happened. Sometimes the family members would even applaud the boy if the offender was a female and tell him how lucky he was. Other times, the males in the family would shun the boy or even want him sent away if he was molested or raped by a male. To me, it was a tragic situation. I hope that over time, these responses have changed a little, but I don't think they have by that much.

Why a motorcycle club? First, most motorcycle clubs are not running around the nation committing crimes. Often, they are men and women getting together because they like the freedom of riding. Many clubs fundraise for all kinds of causes. There is a real club who stands for victims like the children I portray in my novels. Usually the perception of those riding motorcycles is that they are tough. I wanted men and women my readers saw as tough. These are men and women who started out as victims. They survived abuse and understandably have PTSD and issues with sex due to their backgrounds. I needed readers to understand and be sympathetic toward my heroes/heroines.

Nevertheless, even by portraying them as close to reality in these conditions as possible, these are still works of fiction. I have tried to handle these situations with understanding and compassion and without judgment. I read as much as possible on each issue and then consult with primary sources before I feel able to write on the subject without prejudice or judgment. I don't ever want to depict one moment where a character is in a position where they are in an abusive situation and have no choice. The books are intense and some of the situations can be abusive, especially in Savage's book as he is a sexual sadist. I want any reader picking up this book to be clear on that fact before choosing to read this book. Savage's first book, Annihilation Road, stopped prior to Seychelle's training. That was a deliberate choice I made so readers demanding his book, knowing what he was, but also knowing they would have difficulties, would still have a satisfactory happy ending to his story.

Savage Road is much more difficult to read and much truer to life after the beginning of the love story between two people who truly love each other and have made a commitment, but come from very different worlds. Savage's world could easily be one of abuse. There is a very important moment where Savage makes certain the heroine knows she can speak with her friends and receive support about their relationship if she needs to.

Again, it is important to me when writing a book, to research the subject matter heavily so I can write without prejudice. There are many different lifestyles and needs and not all people are alike or have similar pasts. People are shaped in many different ways by their experiences. Seychelle entered consensually into Savage's world because she needed the same things he did which made them a perfect couple. She entered the relationship knowing what he is and wanting to enter into this lifestyle with the man she loves and trusts wholeheartedly with her body, mind and heart.

For the readers who have decided to continue the ride with Seychelle and Savage, I hope you feel that I've done their story justice.

Christine Feehan

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Savage Road

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