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Toxic Game Book Trailer

Draden and Shylah are one of the most romantic couples I've ever created and I'm exited for their story to be told March 12th. I wanted to share a bit about the book and reveal the Book Trailer for you today! I hope you'll enjoy it! On a rescue mission in the heart of the Indonesian jungle, D . . .
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How to Date a GhostWalker

In celebration of Romance Week and Valentine's Day I thought it would be fun to give a little dating advice. Have you ever dreamed of dating a GhostWalker? Let me help you with these quick tips and tricks. Let me know WHO your dream date GhostWalker would be with! Where would you go on your fir . . .
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Romance Week Crossword Puzzle

As Romance Week continues I want to give you more fun games! Today I have a fun crossword puzzle I had custom made. I'm very interested to see if people are able to solve the entire thing. You can play here, download the puzzle or play online. DOWNLOAD HERE PLAY ONLINE HERE. TWITTER My O . . .
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Covert Game — Inside the Characters

Zara Hightower was always going to be a complex character. I knew she was brilliant. Off the charts brilliant. Beautiful, which she didn't see as a resource, or use as a resource. Her main focus would always be her "sisters". Their lives mattered even more than her own. She would do anything for the . . .
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Where to Begin in the Series: GhostWalkers

The GhostWalkers are my second largest series with 14 books currently in that series and another one that I'm currently writing. As you likely know by now, I write all of my books to be stand alone stories. You can read them in any order and you'll have a full story. But, like most series there is o . . .
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This Week's CF News!

Covert Game was released on Tuesday and it's exciting to see so many people loving the book. If you're on Twitter I hope you'll use #CovertGame so I can find your comments or tag me @AuthorCFeehan. CF on Twitter I'm super excited that Entertainment Weekly celebrated the release of my 75th boo . . .
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Covert Game's Heroine: Zara Hightower

Zara Hightower is the heroine of Covert Game and I wanted to talk a little bit about her in light of the Covert Game book release on March 20th. Zara was raised like many of the genetically altered and enhanced women. A team of five became a team of three early in her training and those three were . . .
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Covert Game's Gino "Phantom" Mazza

It's time to head back to the bayou! We're back with Team Four and this time they're being sent on a suicide mission to save a woman they're not sure they can trust. I thought you might like a little insight to the story. Gino "Phantom" Mazza has an interesting background as well as unusual abiliti . . .
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Getting Social

I attended the NOLA StoryCon event last weekend and it was so wonderful to meet and talk to readers. I wish I could travel to every state and meet everyone in person. But, since it's not likely that I can meet everyone, I wanted to share with you that I do participate in some online social media. So . . .
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The Beauty of Difference: Autism Awareness

The Centers for Disease Control describes ASDs as: "a developmental disability that can cause significant social, communication and behavioral challenges. Autism now affects 1 in 68 children and 1 in 42 boys. So, it's likely that you know someone with some form of autism. April is Autism Awarenes . . .
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Romance and Character: Lessons Learned from Dark Promises, Power Game and Bound Together

Each romance is special and that includes the romance you find between my hero and heroine for each book I write. The couple is as unique together as they are as individuals and what each couple learns or teaches us about romance is varied as well. In celebration of #RomanceWeek 2017 I wanted to sh . . .
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Power Game Hard Cover and Trailer

I'm getting excited now that January is near. Power Game features Ezekiel and takes place in New Orleans. The heroine has never been heard of before, but she brings with her new information for the GhostWalkers that is critical and a game-changer to them all. Without giving too much away, becaus . . .
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My ThrillerFest Experience

I don't travel much, but when I do I try to make the most of the trip. I had been told about ThrillerFest, a conference for thriller writers and readers, for several years. I read many genres, but some of my favorite authors are thriller writers and when a friend of mine invited me to attend this ye . . .
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Heroes, Anti-Heroes and Guys Who Just Need Their Ass Kicked Part 1 of 5

Over the next few weeks I will be posting my thoughts on the types of heroes I write for each series.


I love a good hero or even anti-hero as much as the next person. Dark, mysterious and bad-ass make up the majority of the heroes I write, in any of my series.
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Release Day and How It Feels

Spider Game released today. It's part of my GhostWalker series which are very near and dear to me. I love writing this series and matching my alpha males to kick butt heroines. I love the science behind it all and all the research I do for these.
I have made so many trips to New Orleans and in . . .
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GhostWalker Series News

I got the ARCs for Toxic Game and am really excited about it. I think this is the most romantic book I've written to date. The book releases March 12th and is Draden and Sylah's book.

I finished Toxic Game and the publisher has already put together a great cover for it!

Talking about Gino from Covert Game over on my Goodreads blog! Covert Game's Gino "Phantom" Mazza

Find out more about the heroine from Covert Game - Covert Game's Heroine: Zara Hightower

COVERT GAME will be out in paperback October 2nd!

I'm talking about the GhostWalker series over on Goodreads! Where to Begin in the Series: GhostWalkers

Covert Game is now out -- FYI: It's my 75th book. . . Enjoy!

Covert Game will be out in just a few weeks! If you'd like a sneak peek of the new book trailer you can find it in my online community with some other goodies and lively discussion!

I plan on writing blogs about the GhostWalkers and specifically about Covert Game on my Goodreads blog the week of the book release. You can find my Goodreads blog here.

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