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video release date: August 7, 2018

Covert Game Book Trailer

It was a suicide mission to save a woman they weren't sure they could trust, but Gino Mazza had seen her photo and couldn't stop thinking about her. He would save her or die trying. So, when he finds her, tortured and afraid, his instincts kick in. Zara Hightower is an expert in Artificial Intelligence with a special ability that has Whitney sending her to China to covertly take back the stolen GhostWalker information. Her chance to escape the men torturing her, and Whitney comes in the form of a scarred man she finds she can't be without. Danger is following them home and everyone wants what Zara has downloaded into her brain.

video release date: February 25, 2018
book: Covert Game

Power Game Book Trailer

An old enemy and a new threat team up to bring a war home to New Orleans, right to the front door. International espionage and betrayal that even Dr. Whitney would never allow has spiraled into a confrontation that will forever change the GhostWalkers. One that not everyone will survive.

video release date: January 3, 2017
book: Power Game

Spider Game Book Trailer

She is an experiment gone wrong. Deadly as she is beautiful. He is a GhostWalker, lethal, dangerous. He has to stop her before his team does. Not just to save her, but to save them. But he is caught in her web in more ways than one. Paranormal suspense meets erotic romance.

video release date: December 28, 2015
book: Spider Game

Samurai Game Book Trailer

She is as sensual as she is dangerous. They thought she was dead but she was waiting for revenge. Thorn was an experiment gone wrong. Now she is looking to save those left behind and kill those who left her for dead. Sam is a GhostWalker, her equal and he knows the only thing more deadly than Thorn is his attraction to her. Christine Feehan brings revenge, beauty, romance and adventure together in a mix so powerful it will leave fans wanting more.

video release date: May 8, 2012
book: Samurai Game

Ruthless Game Book Trailer

Kane is on a dangerous mission where he stumbles across fellow GhostWalker Rose Patterson, his ex lover. With the mafia and a covert government agency after them they are willing to do anything to complete the mission, stay alive and protect the unborn baby. Kane's baby.

video release date: October 29, 2010
book: Ruthless Game

Street Game Book Trailer

Following the trail of deadly terrorists are a group of military specialists with psychic powers and unique abilities. When the government that helped enhance them can no longer be trusted the GhostWalkers know they can only rely on each other. But trust does not always come easy when lives...and hearts are on the line.

video release date: November 30, 2009
book: Street Game

Murder Game Book Trailer

It was a deadly game. With pieces to represent the players and cards to determine the kills. And even the highly trained military specialists knows as GhostWalkers can't stop it. When they turn to a woman with special powers to find the killer, she becomes the hunted. A suspense thriller with paranormal elements.

video release date: December 12, 2008
book: Murder Game

Shadow Game Book Trailer

The military experiments on them. Enhanced them. Then imprisoned them. When they escape they are bent on freeing others like themselves, but the government would rather see them dead.

video release date: March 3, 2008
book: Shadow Game

Predatory Game Book Trailer

She looked innocent and beautiful, but her touch was deadly. What they did to her was unforgivable, but she escaped and now she is a lethal force hiding in open sight. Jesse Calhoun took her in, to help her, to give her refuge. But he has no idea what she really is. As their feelings for one another grow stronger the secret military force that imprisoned her comes back to claim her. But, they have no idea how lethal Jesse Calhoun is, or what powers he has hidden within.

video release date: January 19, 2008
book: Predatory Game

Deadly Game Book Trailer

She was genetically enhanced and forced into a breeding camp. But, they made one mistake. They turned her into a soldier...then pissed her off. BIG mistake! He was a government experiment gone wrong. When he sets out to stop her, the sparks fly...on so many levels.

video release date: February 23, 2007
book: Deadly Game

Conspiracy Game Book Trailer

He was a military experiment gone wrong. She was genetically engineered. When one night of passion brings Briony back to Jack's doorstep, they find that evil men have followed her. They want her and her unborn child...Jack's child. They want him...dead.

video release date: October 31, 2006
book: Conspiracy Game

Mind Game Book Trailer

A paranormal military thriller novel by Christine Feehan. He was sent to bring her back...dead or alive. But she has powers like no one has ever seen. Power over fire. Power over his heart. An erotic thriller of love and danger.

video release date: May 10, 2006
book: Mind Game

Night Game Book Trailer

They blend in with the night, in the shadows. They are the GhostWalkers. A military experiment gone wrong...very wrong. Now, they have escaped and are looking for others of their kind.

video release date: April 18, 2006
book: Night Game

GhostWalker Series News

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COVERT GAME will be out in paperback October 2nd!

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Covert Game is now out -- FYI: It's my 75th book. . . Enjoy!

Covert Game will be out in just a few weeks! If you'd like a sneak peek of the new book trailer you can find it in my online community with some other goodies and lively discussion!

I plan on writing blogs about the GhostWalkers and specifically about Covert Game on my Goodreads blog the week of the book release. You can find my Goodreads blog here.

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