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Where to Start Reading Each Series: Dark Series

I'm one of those people who like to read an entire back list when I come across an author I love. I'm excited when I see they have this huge body of work because I know I love their writing and it's like finding buried treasure. But, I realize not everyone is like that. Some people find a long-estab . . .
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Time for a Dark Celebration! And some Gifts!

I love the Christmas holiday so much! It's always been a special time for me and for my family. I realize not everyone celebrates Christmas, but I hope you'll celebrate your holiday with me this winter season! WalMart is releasing Dark Celebration with a limited edition cover. You can only get thi . . .
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Fun Friday- In Review

I wanted to round up a few fun things to share with you regarding my new release; Leopard's Blood. First is The Reading Cafe Review site, which has a review, excerpt and giveaway. The Reading Cafe Review, Excerpt and Giveaway Here's the book trailer for Leopard's Blood. It's a bit steamy! L . . .
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Participating in #Horrorweek

It's getting closer to Halloween, one of my favorite holidays! So when I saw that Goodreads is doing a #Horrorweek I thought it would be fun to participate! Today, I'd like to ask YOU if you like scary stories or stories with creatures in them? How scared do you like to be? Or do you prefer somet . . .
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Getting Social

I attended the NOLA StoryCon event last weekend and it was so wonderful to meet and talk to readers. I wish I could travel to every state and meet everyone in person. But, since it's not likely that I can meet everyone, I wanted to share with you that I do participate in some online social media. So . . .
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Catching Up with News and Interviews

I thought I'd do a round-up of news to make sure you didn't miss anything fun! RT Book Reviews — "Unbosoming" interview The link text Unbound Worlds — featured in "Best Sci-fi and Fantasy Books of September 2017" The link text Reading in Pajamas — excerpt The link text Nigh . . .
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Sympathy for the Devil: Carpathian Villains

When you have heroes that are as powerful as the Carpathians it can be a challenge to create a villain or villains to challenge them. In the beginning of the Dark Series the main villains are a society of humans who hunt vampires and Carpathians alike, but more importantly we discover that the origi . . .
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What Has Happened to Aiden Savage?

Aiden is one of the "Golden Twins", brother to Julian Savage and lifemate to Alexandria. In Dark Gold we find him living in San Francisco, California and discover that he has embraced life with humans in a way other Carpathians have not. This makes him a valuable warrior to his Prince. But, he is ne . . .
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There's Something About Gary

Some of this blog has spoilers in it and I've tried to identify for you which books the blog may have spoilers for. So you've been forewarned! Read at your own risk! SPOILERS FOR DARK BLOOD/DARK PROMISES Gary Jansen, the American scientist who we meet in Dark Magic, eventually becomes Gary Dara . . .
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The Lifemate Mythology — Dark Legacy

With over 30 books in this long-running series that began in 1999 the challenge is always how to keep it fresh and expand the Carpathians and their mythology. At the time the first book in the series, Dark Prince, was published, there weren't any vampire books being written for the romance genre. Th . . .
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The New Guard — Unsworn Ancient Warriors

In a monastery high in the Carpathian Mountains is a brotherhood of warriors. All they have left is their honor and each other. Unlike many others of their kind who were sent out in the world by their Prince in order to find their lifemates and protect the human race from vampires, they came here to . . .
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Dark Legacy Goodreads Celebration!

Starting Tuesday September 5th I'll be posting an exclusive blog each day to celebrate the release of Dark Legacy! Here's the line-up! Sept. 5th- The New Guard- Unsworn Ancient Warriors Sept. 6th- The Lifemate Mythology Sept. 7th- There's Something About Gary Sept. 8th- What Has Happened to Aide . . .
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Romance and Character: Lessons Learned from Dark Promises, Power Game and Bound Together

Each romance is special and that includes the romance you find between my hero and heroine for each book I write. The couple is as unique together as they are as individuals and what each couple learns or teaches us about romance is varied as well. In celebration of #RomanceWeek 2017 I wanted to sh . . .
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30 Books of Dark

Dark Carousel is the 30th novel in my Dark series, also called the Carpathian novels. I wrote the first in the series, Dark Prince, in the late 1990's during a very difficult time in my life. I'd lost my son and writing became a sort of anchor for me. I'd always written, even as a child, but this ti . . .
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A Little Humor in the Shadows

Assassins with the ability to travel using shadows still need a little levity. Shadow Rider is full of drama, suspense and action (yes...and romance) but I try to break up the constant adrenaline or dark action with romance and family, some of which comes with a bit of humor. You can't have that man . . .
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Men of the Monastery: Dark Promises

High up in the Carpathian Mountains sits a monastery that is both sanctuary and self-imposed prison to ancient Carpathian warriors. These men know they are dangerous. They hope to keep others safe and prolong their existence by remaining within the walls of the monastery and keeping their darkness a . . .
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Dark Series News

The cover for Dark Sentinel has just been revealed. . . check it out!

Dark Sentinel will be out Sept. 4, 2018 and will feature Andor, an ancient from the monastery and Lorraine, a new character to the series.

Wondering what's going on with Gary? Find out here with this post on my blog: There's Something About Gary.

I expanded on information regarding Lifemates in this blog post over on Goodreads: The Lifemate Mythology.

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