Dark Series Latest News (14)

posted: 2/21/2019
Dark Sentinel will be out in paperback Aug. 6th. You can read the first chapter HERE
posted: 1/7/2019
Dark Illusion is Isai and Julija's book and it's completed. It will be released Sept. 3rd 2019.
posted: 9/5/2018
USA Today has an exclusive audio excerpt from Dark Sentinel! Exclusive!
posted: 9/5/2018
Learn more about the creation of Andor, the hero in Dark Sentinel - The Creation of a Hero
posted: 9/5/2018
Dark Sentinel is now available in hardcover!
posted: 9/5/2018
The Dark Sentinel Book Trailer is now available to watch!
posted: 9/5/2018
Dark Legacy is now out in paperback!
posted: 9/5/2018
Listen to an audio excerpt from Dark Sentinel - Chapter 4 Excerpt
posted: 9/5/2018
Talking about the ancients on Goodreads - The Last Hope for the Ancients
posted: 3/17/2018
The cover for Dark Sentinel has just been revealed. . . check it out!
posted: 3/12/2018
Dark Sentinel will be out Sept. 4, 2018 and will feature Andor, an ancient from the monastery and Lorraine, a new character to the series.
posted: 3/10/2018
Wondering what's going on with Gary? Find out here with this post on my blog: There's Something About Gary.
posted: 3/5/2018
I expanded on information regarding Lifemates in this blog post over on Goodreads: The Lifemate Mythology.
posted: 3/1/2018
We are currently reviewing ideas for the Dark Sentinel cover!