Shadow Dance

Tensions and passions rise in the city that never sleeps in this propulsive novel in #1 New York Times bestselling author Christine Feehan's Shadow Riders series.

As the head of the New York City Shadow Riders and his branch of the Ferraro family, Geno bears the weight of dual responsibilities on his broad shoulders. There's nothing more important to Geno than protecting his territory and his famiglia. So when his own parents become the latest victims in a string of vicious murders, Geno is ready to go scorched earth. He thinks he has the assassin in his sights, but he's unprepared for the firestorm their connection ignites....

Amaranthe Aubert's lithe dancer's body conceals a spine of steel. Even held captive and faced with the threat of lethal interrogation, she's not about to cave under pressure. She had nothing to do with the murders, no matter what the ruthless man in front of her believes. But before Amara knows what's happening, Geno connects to her in the shadows, stripping her bare of all artifice. Now, she has no way to hide her true reason for being in New York—and nowhere to run from the man who's very presence steals the very breath from her lungs....

Christine's Notes

Christine Feehan
Shadow Dance became a book that quickly stole my heart. Everything about it from the plot to the characters. I've always loved the Ferraro family, mainly because they are a family and they love one another. They're noisy and sometimes a little crazy but they are loyal and they have one another's backs.

This is Geno's story. He's head of the New York family. They only have three riders and a huge territory. Something happened to place him in the position of becoming head of the family at a young age, but his parents were still alive. It was intriguing, a wonderful mystery to find out what was that cause.

The story opened right away with action, with murder and suddenly the entire Ferraro family is at risk. I was drawn in immediately and couldn't wait to write every single day. I looked forward to spending time with Stefano and his brothers and learning about the San Francisco cousins. Mostly, I loved Geno and Amaranthe and their relationship. They were so good together.

I loved that Francesca had to sort the men out when they were all spinning out of control, and she didn't take any crap off the man who runs the show. She might be quiet, but that woman is mighty. This book is all about family, the good, the bad and the best.

This is my favorite book in the Shadow Riders series. I'll be interested in what readers have to say about it.

— Christine Feehan

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Shadow Dance

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Shadow Dance (Shadow Series, #8)

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