Leopard's Scar

Animal attraction takes over in this exhilarating Leopard novel from #1 New York Times bestselling author Christine Feehan.

The moment Meiling sees Gedeon she knows he's a leopard shifter — just as she knows she can't trust him. Meiling doesn't take chances, life has taught her better than that. So why does she find herself rescuing this deadly, gorgeous man, when she knows she'd be better off leaving him to die?

Gedeon is used to women throwing themselves at him, not throwing his injured body over their beautiful, deceptively strong shoulders and carrying him to safety. He might be embarrassed, if he wasn't so aroused by the very thought of this feisty lotus blossom.

As they strike up a working relationship that suits them both, Gedeon starts to rely on Meiling for just about everything. But when her hidden nature rises to the surface, the connection that links them shifts into an all- consuming desire. And neither will escape unmarked...

Christine's Notes

Christine Feehan
Sometimes characters surprise me. I thought I knew whose book I was going to write, but as I started, I realized I was wrong. Two completely new characters spoke up and I realized that, in order to write the next book, I needed their story to happen first. The story draws past storylines together in a way I didn't realize until the last chapters of the book.
This couple will forever be a favorite for me. Meiling is the quiet, dangerous one in this story. Her strengths vary in ways quite different from other heroines I've written, and I love that she comes across as sweet and compassionate while deep down she is absolutely not someone to mess with.
Gedeon is a loner. He is comfortable with people fearing him. He prefers it. His entire aura and demeanor warn people that he is deadly. What I love about Gedeon is that as dangerous as he is, he has a solid and clear moral code.
When Meiling saves his life and cares for him as he recovers Gedeon pays close attention to her. To her skills. Her courage. They become extremely close in a relationship that is hard to define at first. They know each other's secrets. He's smart enough to know that she could be his greatest asset and he offers her a partnership. Not to work for him, but with him.
They must trust each other in dangerous circumstances. Travel together. Know each other better than anyone else. The intimacy between them feeds a growing passion that Meiling feels certain would destroy everything they've created together.
Their attraction is powerful and dangerous and inevitable. I hope readers love this story as much as I loved writing it.

- Christine Feehan

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Leopard's Scar

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