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The Scarletti Curse by Christine Feehan The Scarletti Curse by Christine Feehan
Re-Issue Paperback Original Paperback

Strange, twisted carvings and hideous gargoyles adorned the palazzo of the great Scarletti family. But a still more fearful secret lurked within its storm-tossed turrets. For every bride who entered its forbidding walls was doomed to leave in a casket.

Mystical and unfettered, Nicoletta had no terror of ancient curses and no fear of marriage…until she looked into the dark mesmerizing eyes of Don Scarletti. She had sworn no man would command her, had thought her gift of healing set her apart, but his was the right to choose a bride from among his people. And he had chosen her.

Compelled by duty, drawn by desire, she gave her body into his keeping, and prayed the powerful, tormented don would be her heart's destiny, and not her soul's demise.

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Release Date: March 2001
Number of Pages: 390 pages
Publisher: Love Spell (Candle Glow Romance Books)
Language: English
ISBN: 050552421X
REISSUE ISBN: 08439-6374-3


The Scarletti Curse by Christine Feehan

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The Scarletti Curse by Christine Feehan

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Christine FeehanMy editor called me one day and asked me if I would like to write a gothic for the Candleglow Line. I know many people consider my Dark Series gothics, and some of them have a gothic feel to them, but they aren't true gothics. One of my favorite authors is Mary Stewart. I've read all of her books but proceeded to glom as many other gothics as I could to get the various 'feel' other writers had for time periods. Settling on Italy, I began The Scarletti Curse. It was a great challenge and I loved every minute I spent with the characters. I deliberately wrote the book in a different style, one far more in my heroine's point of view to preserve the flavor of a gothic romance. I enjoyed the difference so much, I hope to continue writing in this style as well as writing contemporaries (dark and dangerous ones naturally) and, of course, my Dark series.


Winner for the 2001 RBL Romantica
Hughie Awards
for Best Other Historical Romance


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Reviewed By Gloria Kruenegel
Under the Covers

Very highly recommended. Ms. Feehan has stepped out of her normal and created a tale that is both riveting and spell-binding with a touch of the paranormal. The characters in this book held me on the edge of my seat the whole time I read it. If you've enjoyed Ms. Feehan's previous novels, you will surely be captivated by this step into the world of Gothic Romance . . . Once again Ms. Feehan does not disappoint!

Reviewed By Karen King
Redding, CA

Fans of Christine Feehan, talented creator of the fabulous Carpathians and author of the DARK series (DARK PRINCE, DESIRE, GOLD, MAGIC AND CHALLENGE), will find themselves in love with a new sub-genre from Ms. Feehan -- gothic romances! THE SCARLETTI CURSE is a marvelously frightening story of innocent but spirited heroine, Nicoletta, who finds herself in the hands of handsome Don Giovanni Scarletti. But there is a terrible curse on the men of the Scarletti family and more than one woman has died in this dark and forbidding palazzo! Is Don Scarletti man or monster? You can bet I'll be in line to buy THE SCARLETTI CURSE the minute it shows up in the bookstore!

We can only hope that Ms. Feehan has more gothics in store for us!

Reviewed By Beth MacGregor
Romantic Times

Mesmerizing and haunting, THE SCARLETTI CURSE, will hold you in its thrall as the mysterious tale unfolds. Ms. Feehan weaves a dark tale wherein secrets abound and evil lurks in every corner. With a tightly woven plot that keeps you guessing, and rich, colorful characterization, you will soon lose yourself within the pages of this compelling gothic tale.

Reviewed By Terrie Figueroa

I adore a dark and dangerous hero; a monstrous mansion filled with danger, secrets and a damsel in distress, so for me, THE SCARLETTI CURSE is like a gift. Reminiscent of the gothics I devoured in bygone years, THE SCARLETTI CURSE maintains a steady feeling of menace from the first page to the last. Nicoletta is charming and engaging; I liked her from the very beginning.

I adore a dark and dangerous hero; a monstrous mansion filled with danger, secrets and a damsel in distress, so for me, THE SCARLETTI CURSE is like a gift. Reminiscent of the gothics I devoured in bygone years, THE SCARLETTI CURSE maintains a steady feeling of menace from the first page to the last. Nicoletta is charming and engaging; I liked her from the very beginning.

The blending of old world charm, a menacing castle and a deliciously wonderful romance is extremely satisfying. THE SCARLETTI CURSE is a must read for fans of gothic romance, it's one of the best I've read in many years. I highly recommend THE SCARLETTI CURSE and hope Ms. Feehan has plans for more of these spine-tingling gothic romances in the future.

Reviewed By Cindy Penn

Gothic danger and passionate love... very highly recommended...

As a newcomer to Christine Feehan's work, I had very high expectations based on other reader's reactions, and I am not disappointed. Written with a sensuous style, a deep understanding for history, and a respect for both Christianity and Paganism, THE SCARLETTI CURSE contains a fast paced plot and dynamic characterizations. All the classic gothic elements keep the pages turning, including the dark castle with gargoyles, warnings from natural elements, portents from ravens, secret passageways, family secrets, and multiple dead wives. Further, the strong heroine isn't too perfect; the troubled hero still maintains his strength amid his human failings, while the gothic elements lend the perfect depth and shadow.

Reviewed By Brenda Gayle

While curses and superstition play an important part in this story, they also enhance the romantic plot. Learning to work together against an unknown foe, keeps this story moving. False leads raise the tension and teach the characters to trust one another and their special talents. THE SCARLETTI CURSE has all the ingredients of a typical gothic romance, and then some. From vampire stories to gothic tales, Christine Feehan's writing talent continues to shine.


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