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Thanks for visiting my website. Please feel free to add an entry to my guestbook! You may have to reload this page in order to see your new entry.

I love to read each and every entry in my guestbook, but due to the high volume of mail I cannot respond to all entries. I am often writing three books and researching at the same time in hopes to provide more reading enjoyment. Each entry will receive a newsletter in which I hope to answer most questions posted.

It is also important that when you leave an email address to insure it is correct. If you have left a question for me and have not heard back, chances are the address was incorrect and my reply was bounced. Please double check your email address.

Any technical problems or questions? Let my webmaster know.


name: Kelly Cunningham
place: New Cumncok, East ayrshire Sco
time: Thursday, January 11, 2018 at 10:04:09 (CST)
subject: Dark series

I absolutely love the Dark Series and cant put the books down I have read all series at least twice as I enjoy them so much. Cant wait till the next book comes out for the series, Im secretly hoping it is about Eliisabeta who was mentioned in the dark legacy, tot which I laughed , I cried all the way through it amazing read and I actually dont know what book is my favourite as I love them all

name: darlene
place: Avon Park, fl USA
time: Saturday, January 06, 2018 at 12:25:10 (CST)
subject: torpedo ink

I am so interested in the next set of books with these troubled men. I am curious about what type of women will be able to fulfill their lives and their adventures. I know it will be exciting and contains many of the people from the previous books . I love the way you continue bringing us up to date with the Drake Sisters and the Sisters of the Heart. I love reading the books and am always rereading them whenever I have the time. I have all the books in each of your series. Keep up the Great work that you do. A very faithful reader.

name: PJ
place: richmond, Virginia USA
time: Tuesday, January 02, 2018 at 07:39:04 (CST)
subject: Dark Hunger Manga

I really enjoyed the manga for Dark Hunger, i believe i found it in a book fair soon after it came out.

I see it corresponds to book 14 in the Dark Series and i'm interested in the jaguar people and anything i can find on Riordan and Juliette. Are there any more books about that pairing?

If you do release more manga issues i will definitely snap them up, but i understand if the publishing costs don't justify the expense.

Thank you for your time

name: Danna flippo
place: , Texas USA
time: Saturday, December 30, 2017 at 14:53:50 (CST)
subject: Thank you!

I have almost all of your books, still trying to locate the older ones. I'm addicted to all of your series. I even got my hubby reading them, though he will never admit to it. He enjoys the GhostWalkers, while I enjoy the Dark Series the most. Keep up the wonderful work!

name: Christine Lewis
place: WICHITA, Kansas United States
time: Tuesday, December 26, 2017 at 02:01:35 (CST)
subject: Possible crossover beween seri

I'm sure this question has been asked before, but here goes anyway-
Have you ever written a book that includes more than one series' characters? I read that you write 3 books at a time. I have just recently discovered your really enjoyable "Dark Series". I have been reading one every couple of days.
While researching how many books in this particular series, I discovered how many more adventures I have awaiting, and just wondered, if any crossed , ie: a Carpathian and a Leopard, or Ghostwalker.
Anyway, thank you for the hours of enjoyment.
From a new fan
Chris Lewis. (By the way, great name Christine)

name: Susanna Garcia
place: Beaumont, TX United States
time: Sunday, December 24, 2017 at 06:56:39 (CST)
subject: Dark series

I love your Dark Series books. I was actually just browsing through our book store 1 day to see what I could find new & interesting & I happened on Dark Gold. I loved it so much I read it in 2 days. So I wanted to see what other books you might have & lo and behold I realized it wasn't the 1st book so I had to find out which was so I began my journey & have been hooked ever since. Thank you for the entertainment you have given me all these years & for the years to come.

Thank You


name: SJ
place: Haywards Heath, United Kingdom
time: Sunday, December 24, 2017 at 13:07:52 (CST)
subject: Seasons Greetings

Seasons Greetings to all in the community, and to Ms. Christine Feehan, whose books have bought me such joy and will, I suspect continue doing so for many more years to come.
I hope to see more books in the future and read many more that are published.

Mary Christmas too all and too all a Happy New Year

name: Ann Mayberry-Weston
place: PHOENIX, AZ United States
time: Friday, December 22, 2017 at 07:49:36 (CST)

Merry Christmas to you and your Family stay safe see you next year

name: Dakotea King
place: Colorado Springs, Colorado USA
time: Sunday, December 10, 2017 at 17:46:59 (CST)
subject: Signed Books

Hello I was wondering is it possible to purchase signed books from you? I would really LOVE to own the series signed. Even if I have to re purchase the books from you. Please get back to me.

name: Sarah-Jane
place: HAYWARDS HEATH, West Sussex UK
time: Friday, December 01, 2017 at 05:29:18 (CST)
subject: A note of appreciation and jpy

I just wanted to say, thank you for all the joy you have bought to me over the years with your books. I have finally managed to catch up with myself and bought all the copies of the Dark Series, the Leopard Series, and the Sea Haven Series that I was missing. Also I have finally managed to buy the Ghost Walker Series, the Shadow Series. Next i am going to collect the Christmas Stories and the remaining single titles that I have not yet managed to find, so will be going on Amazon.co.uk as soon as possible.
All your books are such a joy to read, and I have spoken to my family and friends about your books and have recommended that they read them, as they brilliant in the way that you portray each character and the stories themselves are so captivating that they would not want to put them down, much like myself, in fact, lol.
Will be logged on again soon, but for now, happy writing and may this be the year for you and your family.
All the Best

name: Marilyn Liles
place: GREER, SC USA
time: Wednesday, November 29, 2017 at 16:12:29 (CST)
subject: Books

Just wanted you to know I enjoy your books. This past year as I stayed with my mother who has dementia, your books help give me a place to escape to. Most of them I have read multiple times.
God Bless and have a Merry Christmas.

name: Charmaine Krob
place: Woodridge, IL United States
time: Monday, November 20, 2017 at 21:38:38 (CST)
subject: Dark Legacy

Just finished Dark Legacy and wanted to let you know that I enjoyed it immensely. There was action throughout the whole book, which some authors are unable to achieve! Please keep up the good writing! Question: Will there be a book about Gary finding his mate? I figure you left the two women that were rescued up in the air so I have the feeling you will be doing something special with them.

name: Jan
place: Llano, TX United States
time: Sunday, November 19, 2017 at 15:37:21 (CST)
subject: Tv

If the Snookie books were made into a tv series, why not one of your series? Or have they and I'm way behind? I have enjoyed your books so much! Your books always have a great plot you can really get into, well thought out romance, it's in the details, not just sex thrown out thete. Happy Holidays!

name: Maureen Mulligan
place: Conway, N.H. United States
time: Wednesday, November 15, 2017 at 01:27:39 (CST)
subject: Thank You

So it's two in the morning and I've been reading Leopards Blood since later this evening and never put it down because it was just that good and now I finished it and I wanted to thank you because I had so much fun doing the contest with the stockings and really embraced trying to have a background scenario for why there were certain things in the stockings, it's just a lot of fun so thank you for your talent and I hope that someday you can come to the White Mountains, North Conway, NH for a book signing.. anyway I just wanted to thank you for the excitement that you bring with your series it helps us step out of our daily lives and live in a different world for a while.


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