Shadow Storm

A long-simmering feud between two families comes to a head in this gripping novel in Christine Feehan's New York Times bestselling Shadow Riders series

As the youngest member of the Ferrao family, Emmanuelle has watched each of her brothers find happiness in love while her own heart was shattered by a lover's betrayal. For two years she's stayed as far away from Valentino Saldi as possible — until she learns that he's been shot during a hostile takeover of his family's territory.

Emme's first instinct is to call her brother Stefano for help, and soon the entire Ferraro clan arrives to bring Val back from the brink of death and protect the Saldis from further attack. With one choice Emme has re-exposed herself to Val's intoxicating pull and dragged her family into the Saldis' private war.

A deadly storm is brewing, and only time will tell who survives...

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Christine's Notes

Christine Feehan
I'm excited about this book and couldn't wait to write Emme's story. I knew it would be extremely different from the others and would extend what we know of the Shadow Rider mythology.

I wanted Emme to represent women who are strong but who also have a vulnerability that affects their confidence. I think many women are like that. No matter how strong we are we all have points of vulnerability we have to overcome or work around in order to do those things that make us strong.

Even though Emme is beautiful and wealthy, she is every bit as dangerous an assassin as her brothers. She has had terrible things happen to her and has insecurities she has to fight.

She was raised by her older brother, Stefan and he is very involved in this story. As with most of the Shadow Rider stories, family plays an important role. And love doesn't come easy or without a price.

Christine Feehan

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Shadow Storm

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Shadow Series ,
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