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This Page Last Updated: April 18, 2012 00:43:32

If you have already have a FAB account, log in here. Welcome to our FAB Page for Booksellers!! FAB stands for Feehan Advantage for Booksellers. Here are some of the top reasons why you should join our FAB Club:

  • Free to ALL bookstores
  • Special incentives and promotions to increase sales
  • Specifically tailored to independents, international, or chain based stores
  • Access to Christine's EPK (electronic press kit)
  • Free download of Christine Feehan book trailers, photos, and other promotional items
  • Opportunities to receive FREE gifts for your customers
  • Marketing & sales points for upcoming releases
  • Free listing of your store on our distributor webpage

We are doing something that to our knowledge has never been done before for books -- so it may take a while to get it right. With the continuing changes in the book industry we find that many bookstores are struggling. Our FAB Club mission is to help our booksellers increase their customer loyalty as well as sales. Any suggestions or input would be greatly appreciated!

To sign up for your FAB account, click here.


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Coming soon is Viper Game. Look for it in stores January 27, 2015 or pre-order it today. To read the first chapter click here.

Viper Game

Pre-Order Viper Game:

My latest release is titled Dark Blood. Look for it in stores now or order it online. To read the first chapter click here.

Dark Blood

Order Dark Blood:

Another recent release is a paperback reissue of Dark Wolf. Look for it in stores or order it online. To read the first chapter click here.

Dark Wolf

Dark Wolf:
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~2014 RELEASES ~
NEW BOOKS: Dark Wolf, Air Bound, & Dark Blood
RE-ISSUES: Dark Lycan (paperback)

~2015 RELEASES ~
NEW BOOKS: Viper Game, Cat's Lair, & Earth Bound
RE-ISSUES: Dark Blood (paperback)

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