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The Rules of Shadow Riding

The ability to travel using shadows in order to bring justice to those who deserve it isn't as easy as it may sound. Cool, yes. Easy? No. As I began world-building for the Shadow Rider series I realized I'd have to make some things complicated in order to have conflict both internally and extern . . .
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The Laws of Attraction for Shadow Riders

Shadow Riders are assassins who mete out justice, using shadows to travel. The Ferraro family is one of a few "Riders" worldwide, so rare that it is the duty of a Shadow Rider to marry and produce more Shadow Riders. If a Rider hasn't found someone to marry by the time they reach a certain age then . . .
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Shadow Keeper Round Up!

The ride's not over! We've had a lot of fun with Shadow Keeper and I wanted to make sure you didn't miss any of it. Here's a rundown of some of the fun things we've done for the book release. Let me know what you enjoyed the most! ********** Who is Your Shadow Rider Trainer? Take the Quiz! . . .
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Interviewing Scott Nova- Giovanni Ferraro in Shadow Keeper

Actor and model Scott Nova has appeared in several of the trailers, including Dark Blood, Shadow Rider, Shadow Reaper and in the starring role of Giovanni Ferraro in Shadow Keeper. Scott was kind enough to agree to allow me to interview him in celebration of the release of Shadow Keeper. Scott, w . . .
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Getting Social

I attended the NOLA StoryCon event last weekend and it was so wonderful to meet and talk to readers. I wish I could travel to every state and meet everyone in person. But, since it's not likely that I can meet everyone, I wanted to share with you that I do participate in some online social media. So . . .
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Shadow Reaper Book Trailer

I love having the book trailers made. They're fun for me and, I hope, fun for readers who enjoy that sort of thing. For Shadow Reaper they did several interviews with the actors. There are so many, it didn't seem right to upload them all here, but I thought I would post links to them for those of y . . .
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A Little Humor in the Shadows

Assassins with the ability to travel using shadows still need a little levity. Shadow Rider is full of drama, suspense and action (yes...and romance) but I try to break up the constant adrenaline or dark action with romance and family, some of which comes with a bit of humor. You can't have that man . . .
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Shadow Riders: Heroes, Anti-Heroes and Guys Who Just Need Their Ass Kicked Part 3 of 5

Chicago Shadow Series They're everywhere, Chicago, San Francisco, New York, but these men from the new Shadow Series have something in common, they are fiercely loyal and extremely dangerous. Oh! And they can use shadows to transport themselves to any destination, which comes in handy when you're a . . .
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Shadow Series News

I just finished writing Shadow Warrior! This is Vittorio's book.

More about the world of the Shadow Riders for you! - The Rules of Shadow Riding

Want to learn more about the world of the Shadow Riders? I put this blog together for you! The Laws of Attraction for Shadow Riders

Check out this great interview with Scott Nova who plays Giovanni Ferraro - Interviewing Scott Nova

Shadow Keeper will be out May 29th and we'll finally have Giovanni's story. Since I will be attending the Romantic Times Booklovers Convention in Reno this year I hope to have some promo to share from Shadow Keeper. Hope to see you there!

I completed Shadow Keeper and am so very happy with it. It was tough to write since Giovanni can't ride shadows with pins in his legs. So when things go really wrong, he must trust his siblings and his instincts!

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