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Twilight Before Christmas
By Kristine Meyers

Twas the Twilight Before Christmas
And all through the town
people were shopping not slowing down.
Not seeing the holly, the candles, the decorations or Lights
They were chilly and grim, in uncomfortable flight.

All around were splashes of pine green and Red
the crystalline world looked as though it had bled

Snow in the whitest of whitest of White,
Glistened sharply against the blackening night.

Above them the Star shown, to guide the way
Kings, shepherds, creatures, come into the fray
Lonliness treks along for the ride
No presents for those who have no where to hide.

Far off in the distance rings the jingle of Bells
Preceding the coming of a season of Hell.
Smiles all are false, laughter ain't merry,
Dyed hair, plastic faces, noses still cherry.

I watch them scurry and hurry and buy
Unknowing which one of them soon is to die
Credit card maxed out will keep them in check
Debt will compile like a Wreath round their neck.

Barricaded inside homes free of love
Instead of admiring they are baking their Dove
No peace will they find if they search high and low
Now life will end in the flurry of snow.

Parties are rampant, guests are all tipsy
Under the Mistletoe, people are kissing
While under the darkness, under the sky
Will come a moment when someone will die.

A gay Christmas Stocking will stifle the noise
Used to silence a throat instead of delivering toys.
Hung by the fireplace, for all to see
One unlucky soul will transition through me.

The poorest of lights for the Kings is a Candle
Illuminating all of the verses by Handel
The Messiah is near but he's not what you thought
Salvation comes swiftly - twist the garrotte

Shepherds herd sheep with a Cane made of Candy
The hills sugar plum coated, the ram has gone randy
The crook in the stick or the crook in the vault
Throttled by life was hardly his fault

Shake up your world, watch the snow fly
Soon it will be your turn to grovel an die
Snowglobes are a prison made out of glass
The 4th Horseman comes - an apocolypse pass.

Twilight Before Christmas
By Lisa

Twas the night before Christmas, or so they now say.
Not much has changed in the world of today.
Still they bring gifts and pretend that they care.
I will relish their cries when it is no longer there.

Children light candles, and nestle in their beds,
while visions of money and greed fill their heads.
I cannot help but find this darkly funny,
that even the children wrap up love with money.
When it all ends, and the Christmas lights shatter,
I will show them all that none of this matters.

Each year it gets darker, this hatred I feel,
the dead dry wreaths are reminders that I burn with zeal.
Soon these people will know what I have learned from the start,
that the red color of Christmas is blood spilled from a broken heart.
And soon the white doves that proclaim peace of the season,
Will fly no more, and only I know the reason.
There can be no peace, their wings are now red,
Just like Christmas, the birds are all dead.

The sound of Christmas bells echo in my soul,
enlarging the emptiness with every toll.
I want to scream and fight and cry,
Until even the stars in the heavens sigh.
To the top of the church, to the top of town hall,
The bells will be silent, I will see them fall.

As the fog rolls in, and the sea breeze cools the night air,
I struggle and toil to end this Christian affair.
This treacherous season of shepherds and stars
stabs at my heart and adds to my scars.

In each red and white candy cane I see in the store,
representing the shepherd's staff and oh so much more.
Tonight I will break the staff's power at this very late hour
And we will be sheep no more.

No more will snow fall inside tiny crystal balls,
No more Christmas trees will haunt my mind's halls.
I will save the people of this town when I bring about the end.
And after all of these years, perhaps my weary heart will mend.

Twilight Before Christmas
by Ilona Fenton

T'was the twilight before christmas with people having fun
Enjoying the happy season, except for just one.
For lights they were using pretty candles aglow
waiting for Santa and Christmas Day snow.
Then the holly wreath on the door was found gone
Instead there were Lillies all tied in black ribbon.
And soon they realised the bells had stopped ringing
All the clappers were gone - no music for singing.
But the people stayed happy wrapping the presents
Unaware of all the forthcoming events.
Until on the doorsteps a Turtledove was found
But the poor little thing couldn't make a sound.
Then the stockings they'd hung with such loving hope
Were all replaced by a hangman's rope.
And the snowmen that the children had built
Were all smashed down without any guilt.
People were eating the mixed berry pie
And kissing beneath the mistletoe hung high.
Until their poor tummies started to hurt
From little white berries found in the dessert.
Still, such a pretty sight was the decorated tree
Ablaze from the christmas lights for all to see.
And how sweet is the candy cane, white and red
That's going to put them all back to bed.

Twilight Before Christmas
By Anthony. Fenton

T'was the Twilight before Christmas, a riddle this will be
Follow these clues, so you can catch me.
Snowmen go tumbling, both to left and to right
Mince pies get stolen and cause such a fright.
Wreathe's that go missing are such a hoot
White snow gets stolen, there's something afoot.
All stocking's swung under, try following the clues
Bell's stuck - such disorder, try again or you lose.
All Turkey's are stuffed with a star and a dove
You'll stop me spilling red stuff, of your own true love.
Mailmen go missing by night and by day
Santa's Grotto gets smashed up. I'll show you the way
A candy cane, a snowglobe, a gun or a knife
Will you prevent me, from killing your wife?

Twilight Before Christmas
by Sherry Shaver

Twas the twilight before Christmas
and all through the home
the signs of yuletide
caused me to moan.

I creep along quietly
all through the house.
Making my plan
as I snack on a mouse

When what in the shadows
should suddenly be clear,
a small lighted candle,
a warning to fear.

Stockings are marked
and hung on the walls.
Filled with dark treats
not found in the malls.

The mistletoe shines
to promise a kiss,
but those locking lips
are in for a twist.

A wreathe of wealth
begins to fade,
as you can't find your things,
Oh the havoc I've made.

Soft rap on the door
as we head outside.
Oh heavens, me,
Oh where is your ride?

I float in the air
hearing holiday sounds.
Surrounded by white
outside on the grounds.

I see in my mind
what next I can do.
Just my small chance,
a way to say BOO!

A dove full of life
in the last ray of sun.
So many sights
now come undone.

Follow the path
to my shades of gray.
All wings are now gone,
and peace cannot stay.

Can you hear the bells?
When you hear the sound,
know its too late
to dive to the ground

Then out of the day
and into the night,
start to shake
cause you're in for a fright.

As Christmas lights
illumine the way,
Come out little children,
come out and play.

The carousel spins
its motor does click
an explosive star,
as my bag starts to tick.

For it's a merry holiday
all covered in red.
Did you also know
that so are the dead.

Beautiful smart witch
who leads the way,
What do you think
next I will say?

If Christmas is gone,
what do you fear?
Your favorite nightmare,
I now hold so dear.

A globe made of snow
with a magical trait,
sucks out your life
as you learn to hate.

Close your eyes
all in the room.
The next sound you'll hear
is a great, big KABOOM!

When nothing is left,
but the quiet and dark,
terror will reign
as I leave my last mark.

Red and white striped
and sweet to the taste.
Watch how he runs
as he tries to make haste.

I know how you hold him
so close to your heart.
There goes his cane
as I tear him apart.

What fun I breathe,
and say with a sigh,
Time for Christmas and all
to just give up and die.

My Twisted Ways
by A. J. Gladstone
(my wonderful Tony)

Twas the twilight before Christmas
and somewhere in town
a crime will happen
something bad will go down

I light the candle in the window
and watch the curtains burn
Cause I hate Christmas
this you shall learn

I begin to laugh
as a dove tries to flee
I grab it and throw
his red blood i did see

I laugh even harder
as the wreath goes aflame
i feel good as i see this
as I break a picture frame

I enjoy my life
into which i was raised
when they hear of my work at home
I will surely be praised


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