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Last Updated: March 06, 2015 11:14:48

Manga format!
Welcome to the home of my Manga Comic Books. Dark Hunger is the first EVER Manga by Berkley.

PLEASE NOTE: I would like everyone to know that the cover for Dark Hunger has changed due to the request of the artist. I hope that this will not cause any confusion for those who have pre-ordered the book.


Christine FeehanBerkley has done a wonderful Manga style book of Dark Hunger. The artists were amazing depicting the characters and the story and stayed very true to the work. I think you’ll love to see the characters brought to vivid life and enjoy reading the story through pictures. This is a fun, exciting rendition of my short story and hopefully you will enjoy seeing it come to life as much as I did!


Dark Possession  

Dark Hunger was released October 2, 2007. Dark Hunger in novel form was originally released in the anthology Hot-Blooded. It is still available in that format.

In a dark jungle a beautiful activist liberates animals from a secret laboratory-and stumbles across an unexpected prisoner. She releases the Carpathian from his bonds-only to unleash his voracious appetite on herself....

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FAQ: What is manga? The simplest explanation is that Manga is a form of comic book and simply another format such as audio and ebook. Manga is the Japanese word for comics. Outside of Japan, it usually refers specifically to comics originally published in Japan, or works derivative of the style. However, "What is called manga?" has become quite the debate! I've always loved words and loved how they can have many meanings. It very much interests me to discover that the word manga has many different meanings to people. As a result you are seeing many different kinds of work published or called manga from all parts of the world and from a variety of artists. Is it manga? You will have to determine that yourself, based on your own interpretation of the word manga.

FAQ: Is Dark Hunger a Re-issue? Yes, Dark Hunger was previously released in normal book format in the anthology titled Hot Blooded.

FAQ: Is Dark Hunger a Collectors Item? Dark Hunger could very well become a collector’s item for two reasons: It is the FIRST Manga EVER put out by Berkley and it is the FIRST Manga done in the Dark Series.

FAQ: Will there be more? There is the possibility of more Dark books being released in this format. Sales of Dark Hunger and requests to the publisher would determine that.

FAQ: How can I find Dark Hunger? If you are having a difficult time in finding it, you can always order through your local bookstore. Barnes and Nobles, Borders, Books A Million and Amazon all carry it as well. Dark Hunger may be found in both the graphic novel section of the store and the romance section depending on the book store.

FAQ: Did you do the drawings? I did NOT do the drawings. A couple of very talented artists depicted the characters and yes, it was awesome watching my work come to life in this interesting form.

FAQ: Do you think Dark Hunger is a manga?

At this time, I'm not sure what Dark Hunger should be called.. I'm hoping to find out! I have been told by some of my readers that Dark Hunger could also be called an Amerimanga, OEL manga, western manga, world manga, global manga, manga-influenced comic, neo-manga, and nissei comi, a graphic novel, or simply a comic book.

To decide which one Dark Hunger is you'll have to step into the ongoing debate of "What is Manga?". Be careful though.. it can be a very heated debate! Tread lightly. And have fun!!

FAQ: Why do you call Dark Hunger manga then?

Berkley Publishing has chosen to market Dark Hunger as a manga due to the style of the artwork and the format of the book. It will most likely be found in the manga section of stores because that's what my publishers call it and my distributors call it. I'm very sorry to those who feel that it should not be called simple manga.

I do not mean to be misleading or misrepresenting of what Dark Hunger is. I simply want my readers to be able to find this book if they are looking for it. I have very little control over how Berkley Publishing categorizes my books or how distributors will stock it in their stores upon its release. Please feel free to contact Berkley Publishing with any of your concerns.

FAQ: Will Dark Hunger be in black and white?

Yes. Manga generally comes in black and white, except for the covers and sometimes the first few pages. Dark Hunger will follow this format. All 200+ pages of artwork will be in black and white. The cover will be in color.

FAQ: Will Dark Hunger be printed in the traditional reading pattern?

Traditionally, manga is read from top to bottom and right to left, as this is the traditional reading pattern of the Japanese written language. Some publishers of translated manga keep this format, but other publishers flip the pages horizontally, changing the reading direction to left to right, so as not to confuse foreign audiences or traditional comic consumers. This practice is known as "flipping".

In order to make it easier for readers who have never read traditional manga, Berkley will NOT be printing Dark Hunger, in the traditional reading pattern.

If you would like to see Dark Hunger printed in the traditional reading pattern, please contact Berkley Publishing with your concerns as the decision is entirely up to them. Unfortunately, I have no control over this.


Dark Hunger in Manga

Christine Feehan. Berkeley, October 2, 2007. 208+ Pages. ISBN: 0425217833.

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