Sea Haven Series Latest News (4)

posted: 1/7/2019
Were working on Water Bound and Bound Together offering a behind the scenes look with author notes on Goodreads using Highlights & Annotations. Goodreads allows us to see what sentences, scenes or passages readers highlighted on their Kindles and Ill be commenting on the inspiration or my thoughts regarding what readers loved most!
posted: 9/5/2018
Talking about the Sea Haven series over on Goodreads and where to start reading if you want to know about that community. Where to Start a Series: Sea Haven
posted: 3/19/2018
We get a little peek at what's going on with Blythe and the kids in Judgment Road and we find out a bit more about how they are doing in the next Torpedo Ink book.
posted: 3/1/2018
In Judgment Road I think the boys learn a very valuable lesson- Don't Google therapy advice. . . go ask Blythe! LOL