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Bound Together Book Trailer

Magic abounds as the final Sisters of the Heart story crashes on the shores of Sea Haven along with the magical Drake sisters, the Prakenskii brothers and Viktor Prakenskii's motorcycle club of gifted assassins - Torpedo Ink.

video release date: March 9, 2017
book: Bound Together

Fire Bound Book Trailer

No one would suspect Lissa Piner is dangerous. Within her burns a power and a need for revenge. She's lived a secret life, but now she heads to Italy where she hopes to find a killer.

video release date: March 28, 2016
book: Fire Bound

Earth Bound Book Trailer

She was abducted as a child. When she finally escaped she found other women like her. Damaged, but hopeful. And special. When the cult finds her years later, a stranger, Gavriil Prakenskii saves her. Danger surrounds them - the cult will never give up because they know Lexi has power like no other.

video release date: May 29, 2015
book: Earth Bound

Spirit Bound Book Trailer

A lost microchip, a crime lord, revenge and fate mix in a kaleidoscope of danger. Judith uses the magic of color to create beauty, but there is darkness there she cannot control. Stefan wants the microchip and will do anything to have it or have her. Bound by revenge. Bound by fate. But it is passion that makes them Spirit Bound.

video release date: November 28, 2011
book: Spirit Bound

Water Bound Book Trailer

He had no idea who he was, but he was dangerous. She found him cast into the sea and brought him home to help him. He was as different as she was. Their pasts would haunt them, hunt them. But their passion kept them Water Bound.

video release date: June 12, 2010
book: Water Bound

Sea Haven News

Were working on Water Bound and Bound Together offering a behind the scenes look with author notes on Goodreads using Highlights & Annotations. Goodreads allows us to see what sentences, scenes or passages readers highlighted on their Kindles and Ill be commenting on the inspiration or my thoughts regarding what readers loved most!

Talking about the Sea Haven series over on Goodreads and where to start reading if you want to know about that community. Where to Start a Series: Sea Haven

We get a little peek at what's going on with Blythe and the kids in Judgment Road and we find out a bit more about how they are doing in the next Torpedo Ink book.

In Judgment Road I think the boys learn a very valuable lesson- Don't Google therapy advice. . . go ask Blythe! LOL

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