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Where to Start a Series: Sea Haven

Drake Sisters, Sisters of the Heart/Sea Haven and Torpedo Ink All of the books are written to be stand alone books, but a series is meant to offer a fuller experience, often with an additional story arc that ties them all together. It also allows a reader to become familiar with, not only charact . . .
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Torpedo Ink Isn't in Sea Haven, But it's Close

I wanted to talk about the differences between the series set in or around Sea Haven. The Drake Sisters and the Sisters of the Heart are about family, sisters, a sisterhood. The women these stories are about are magical, compassionate, empathetic, loving, funny women. Even with the challenges man . . .
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Getting Social

I attended the NOLA StoryCon event last weekend and it was so wonderful to meet and talk to readers. I wish I could travel to every state and meet everyone in person. But, since it's not likely that I can meet everyone, I wanted to share with you that I do participate in some online social media. So . . .
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The Beauty of Difference: Autism Awareness

The Centers for Disease Control describes ASDs as: "a developmental disability that can cause significant social, communication and behavioral challenges. Autism now affects 1 in 68 children and 1 in 42 boys. So, it's likely that you know someone with some form of autism. April is Autism Awarenes . . .
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Defining What Makes a Sister of the Heart

It's important to have someone you can turn to in times of great celebration, great tragedy and great. . . boredom. LOL I have so many amazing friends. I have friends who I can call on if I need help, or want honest feedback. I have friends who hold my secrets and those who can make me laugh no matt . . .
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Those Sisters of Mine

There's something special about sisters. I'm sure brothers have their own bond and brother-sister siblings are close as well, but sisterhood is like air to those of us who love it. I can't imagine my life without my sisters, or growing up without sisters. So, it's probably good that I have ten. Ye . . .
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Heroes, Anti-Heroes and Guys Who Just Need Their Ass Kicked Part 2 of 5 - Sea Haven

Sea Haven
Drake Sisters Series and Sisters of the Heart Series

Sea Haven is my home away from home. It's a fictional community made up of so many wonderful small towns I've been to in my life. So, when I started writing the Drake Sisters I knew this town would be a central part of th . . .
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A Little Town Called Sea Haven

You may think it all started with the Drake Sisters series, but actually it happened before that. I discovered Sea Haven, the fictional town by the ocean that homes both the Drake Sisters and the Sisters of the Heart.

I lived, for a very long time, in Lake County, California on Cobb Moun . . .
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Sex, Sex and more Sex

Yes, there's sex in my books. Some of the books have more than others. Some have sex that's more erotic than others. I write romance. And, frankly, I think there's nothing wrong with sex. It's a part of nature. It's human. It's a way to express how you feel for someone. Or a way to show them that yo . . .
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Drake Sisters News

I did something fun over on Goodreads with Magic in the Wind. We took the most highlighted passages from the book and I commented on those readers loved the most!

Loving the new and exclusive Drake Sisters series covers from WalMart. If you want the actual physical book you may need to go into WalMart to get it. Those are only available at Walmart. I'm excited to see Safe Harbor is out!

I'm asked if any of the Drakes will show up in my new Torpedo Ink series and honestly, I'm not sure. It makes sense that they might since they live so close and are related to Blythe who features prominently in the new series, but I only include past characters if it makes sense in the current book I'm writing. Of course those MC boys do get in trouble, so don't be surprised if you see Jones and Jackson around.

I'm so excited that Walmart has chosen my Drake Sisters series for new, special exclusive covers that you can only buy at Walmart. The covers are so beautiful! Oceans of Fire is out now and soon they will release Dangerous Tides!

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