If only a picture could convey all the LOVE!








A swing set… perfect!

The sisters are never too old to play.











Joley must have started it. She always does. :-)










A simple picnic turn into playtime. We are so blessed as a family that we are truly friends. We enjoy just spending time together. It would be practically impossible to take a picture with straight faces. The girls end up rolling with laughter.

Each sister brings their won special something to the bond. Miles may separate them at times, but no distance ever exists in their hearts. And when everyone’s together it’s magic.

Literally of course..

As soon as they stop laughing.







Somehow all the girls ended up in a huddle.. laughing!




Whenever the girls are together.. Whatever they do.. Wherever they are.. There will always be laughter and joy. They just can’t help it. Someone will crack up and all the rest will follow.