Sarah has a thousand secrets and just as many answers. The oldest of the magical, mystical Drake Sisters, she is the eldest of seven: Sarah, Kate, Abigail, Libby, Hannah, Joley, and Elle. Each have their own gift and powers. Together they work as one.. united in strength and magic. A team… a family… sisters. They’re magic with very real powers. There’s Sarah, with precog, sight into a soul and so much more. An ancient prophecy speaks of the gate to their home. The inscriptions on the bottom of the gate, in Latin and Italian read “the seven become one when united.” Their house holds generations of power and the gates only open for the right man. The gates swing open in welcome for the man destined to be the love of their lives.



Magical.. Mysterious Sarah!

Beautiful, loyal and strong: Full of integrity and power.
She has a gaze that sees straight into the soul.
Sea Blue Eyes. The wind whispers her name.
Sarah’s come home. Sarah’s back!
There is something contagious about her laughter,
something addictive about her personality.
She seemed so open, yet her eyes held a thousand secrets.




Intelligence & Power





Sarah Drake & Damon Wilder - Love

The gate opened for him, the dogs welcomed him.
Damon could see why the towns people said her name with awe.
There was music and magic in her voice.






Outside the Drake home. Wonderful place for tea with the sisters.