Aunt Carol's Scrapbooking Tips

1. Make it a Priority

2. Organization is Key

3. Keep it Simple.

4. Make the Time, Take Baby Steps,
Even Mere Minutes Spent Scrapbooking
on a Regular Basis Add up to Finished Albums.

Make it a Priority

Your time is precious, but so are your photos, your stories and memories. Take time to organize and preserve them. They’re worth the effort. Preserving your photos and stories will enrich your lives, strengthen your families, bring laughter and joy and be just plain fun. Your memories are important to you, make it a priority to keep and enjoy them.

Organization is Key

Gather your supplies, photographs, and memorabilia together. Take several weekends to sort your photos and memorabilia by year, decade or theme. Don’t try to be perfect. Settle for general categories or grouping such as summer or around the 70’s. Have your spouse and children help. It can be a fun family activity that brings smile and laughter. The journey is half the fun.

Keep it Simple

Remember it’s a work of Heart, not a work of Art. Focus on just putting the photographs into albums and include your wonderful stories. If you really need decoration on the pages, just leave a little room for borders along the side or corners. After you’ve done the really important part of preserving photos and memories you can always go back and add decoration later. Keep album making simple and doable with these four steps.

  • Select the best photos and if necessary crop them to eliminate unwanted parts of the photo and focus on the best part of the picture. Add any memorabilia of the events such as brochures, ticket stubs or certificates.
  • Mount the photographs and memorabilia to the album page.
  • Write about the photos, the event and that time in your life on a journaling box on the page. Remember the stories are just as important to preserving you memories as the photos.
  • Add a title, extra writing under the photos or quick enhancements if you wish.

Make the Time, Small Consistent Steps Equal Completed Albums

The key is to get into the habit of spending consistent time each week doing a little. Over time, minutes here and there add up to complete albums. Take advantage of free time in your week. Time while waiting at doctor and dentist offices, while waiting for your children in their various sports and classes, or while watching TV. Even 5 to 10 minutes really adds up. You can complete simple, beautiful photo albums in only a few hours spent scrapbooking each month. Just take simple steps every month to get to your goal of keepsake albums for you and your family to enjoy.

An elephant is impossible to eat all at once, but bit-by-bit it’s a cinch. The same philosophy is true with preserving our life stories and photographs. Get organized, then make minutes to work on writing down your memories and putting your photos into albums. A little time spent on your scrapbooking project every week adds up fast and you’ll soon enjoy keepsake albums that will enrich your life.