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Razvan smiled at Ivory, his teeth flashing white, his grin boyish. Her heart did that little double flip she had come to associate with him. There was something so endearing, so charming about him when he was being a mischievous boy. And she had to admit to herself, she was actually having fun with him-even though ancient Carpathian hunters were tracking them. Razvan didn't seem at all ruffled by their persistence; in fact, he laughed and appeared younger than ever, so much so that Ivory found herself laughing with him and actually feeling a little carefree.

"What are you doing?"

"Creating your fantasy."

Her eyebrow shot up. "I had no idea I had a fantasy."

"Well, you do now." He waved his hand and she found herself wearing a long white gown, shimmering with beads that glittered in the lights of dozens of paper lanterns strewn through the trees. He grinned at her. "Of course, a little bit of my fantasy may be mixed in as well." The dress showed the swell of her breasts and clung to her tucked-in waist and the curve of her hips. Her silver wolf coat appeared quite stylish and warm, swinging down the length of the dress to reach the ground. "They may as well have fun, too."

She knew the wolves were really on sentry duty, watching their backs, but she wasn't going to ruin the spirit of his fun by pointing out the obvious. He waved his hand again and he was in a white suit with tails, looking very elegant. She knew he'd chosen white to blend in with the snow for safety, but she didn't let that ruin the illusion of his magical realm. Danger surrounded them, but suddenly it didn't matter. That was simply their life, and maybe that was what Razvan had wanted to show her all along. They couldn't control anyone else, but they could always control themselves. They could choose to have fun.

He lifted his hand and she put hers into his. Music began, violins and then more, an entire orchestra. If she looked close, she could see them, the images translucent at first, and then shimmering into life. His arm slid around her back and she put a hand on his shoulder. They swayed together to the soft strains of a waltz.

How had he known that was one of her secret desires? She had witnessed dancing from a distance, staring into homes and watching festivals, careful to keep from being seen. But the thought of floating across a floor, graceful and free in the arms of a man she loved, had been a hidden longing since she'd been a girl. Of course, back then the dances had been much different, but she'd practiced in her lair, moving around the small confines of each room with careful steps, trying to capture the elusive feeling — of this.

Euphoria. Pure happiness. Ivory felt beautiful and young, gliding around the small outdoor ballroom to their own private orchestra. She smiled up at Razvan. He looked handsome. Younger. His body was warm and strong, his hand at her back guiding her perfectly, so perfectly that she knew he had taken the time to look at the step-by-step instructions in her dance books at their lair. He must have also pulled her self-taught lessons right out of her memories.

Their gazes locked, and for a moment she actually seemed to be dancing in the clouds. Wings fluttered overhead, and she looked up to see several snowy owls circling. Slowly they descended, shifting as they did, until other couples joined them on the floor.

The frozen stream mirrored a rainbow of colors from the paper lanterns hanging in the icy branches as the dancers whirled and glided. Snow leopards padded down from the higher elevations to join in the fun. They, too, shifted, emerging as more Carpathian couples. She recognized Natalya dancing with a strange man and suddenly she began to laugh, realizing just what Razvan was doing. The winter wonderland would continue long after they were gone, another confusing illusion that would delay the ancients following them.

Razvan bent his head to hers and took her mouth, a slow, sensual assault that sent butterflies winging through her stomach. Her womb clenched. She wanted to go home with him. To be there now, to be in his arms. Floating as she was, dressed so regally, feeling so in love, overwhelmed her with happiness.

"You have a very wicked sense of humor," she accused.

"I am wicked in a lot of ways," he admitted, and danced her out away from the crowd. "I have every intention of showing you all of them. If you would not mind, perhaps you would do me the honor of a simple yet very effective confusion spell."

She curtsied. "I would be more than happy to help."

Ivory reached upward, toward the silver moon bathing them in shining light.

Mother shining full and bright.

I seek your cover while confusing sight.

She held her arms wide to encompass the snow swirling around them as they danced.

Little flakes of crystalline form.

Dance and swirl,

Hold tight to form.

Let your beauty be seen by all.

Slowing passage by those enthralled.

The Carpathian dancers continued circling the small clearing, dresses catching glints of silver from the moon, the men handsome in their suits and ties, the women breathtaking in their long gowns.

Razvan framed Ivory's face with his hands and bent to capture her mouth. His lips were soft and firm, his mouth hot. His tongue slid over hers with so much finesse she wanted to crawl inside of him and shelter there in his strength. All the while the dancers whirled and dipped to the strains of the waltz throughout the night.


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