……..hole, struggling to listen-to see. He was definitely up to something. Small rocks rained down on her, pelting her on the head and shoulders. She covered up with her arms, the movement jarring her. She had to move before he found anything bigger to dump on her.

She searched for another hand hold and finding none, she forced herself to drag her body closer to the wide opening on the cliff face. Tears streamed down her face and twice she threw up. If it had been a regular break instead of a compound fracture, she could have easily begun the healing process, but she had to press the bone back together and she knew the pain would be excruciating. She couldn’t do that and risk passing out until she was safe from Sam.

The light shone down. “I see blood, Libby. Did you cut yourself? Are you slowly bleeding to death?”

Libby rested her head on the jutting rock, dragging air into her lungs, trying to breathe away the pain. “I’ll bet you tortured little animals for your own enjoyment.”

“I’d never do that. Not unless they were stupid enough to get in my way.”

Libby pulled herself closer to the opening, away from the pool of light spilling down. She took the journey an inch at a time until she reached the edge of the cliff. About six feet below was the sea, waves crashing against the rock, spraying water, salt and foam into the small cavern. The walls were sheer in both directions. She was truly trapped with the water rising quickly.

She rested, deliberately turning out the scraping sounds she heard coming from above her. Drawing a ragged breath, she faced the water and raised her hands to the skies, calling for the wind. She was shocked at the strength of the response. Her sisters were waiting, all of them, she felt the connection leaping from sister to sister.

A large rock crashed down from above. Sam flashed the beam of light around trying to catch sight of her, but she was out of the reach of the illumination. She watched in horror as her dropped a rope through the opening.

The wind returned to her, howling with anger, shrieking as it raced through the cavern. Fog and mist poured into the small confines, quickly filling it, surrounding Libby, brushing her face and body with small droplets of water. Feminine voices rose on the wind, calling out, weaving a spell of magic in the mist. Strength and resolve flowed into her. She took a deep breath, clung for one moment to the mind bond she had with Elle, and then put both hands over the jagged bone protruding through her skin, applying pressure and manipulating it back in place.

She thought she screamed. She heard screaming, but it came from a distance and she couldn’t identify the voice as her own or one of her sisters. She vomited again, reduced to dry heaves as she sobbed and sweat drenched her body. Once she almost passed out, only to be prodded awake by the relentless wind.

A wave crashed against the cliff sending icy water onto the cavern. She gasped as it drenched her. She’d forgotten. The earth, sun and moon were in line. It was a full moon and the tide would be extremely high. She had to hurry. Once again she lifted her arms toward the opening, sending the wind back to her sisters, conveying the urgency of her situation.

The wind returned, stronger than ever. The mist and fog increased, rising to curl around the rope and rush upwards to the chamber above her. Sam cursed loudly as visibility plunged to zero. Libby tuned him out, focused completely on her own body and opened the well of healing energy deep inside of her.

Peering down, Sam saw a glow in the mist below him, but couldn’t make out anything in the think fog. He didn’t have time to play with his prey much longer. He was going to have to go back and face the mess. Damn her to hell. Ty would be dead.

He swore again and took a hold of the rope. He was going to strangle the bitch and toss her body into the sea. She deserved it, too, for making him do this. It was her fault. Ty stared talking bullshit, messing everything up and forcing Sam to take action. She’d used sex to get Ty’s money, to……