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Sarna Rituaali
(The Ritual Words)

Sarna Rituaali, "The Ritual Words" (pronounced "Shawr-naw   Ree-too-aa-lee") is a longer example of Carpathian, and an example of chanted rather than conversational Carpathian. Note the recurring use of "andam" ("I give"), to give the chant musicality and force through repetition. Note also that Carpathian chanting does not require the words to be "sung" -- though all the chants have associated melodies, and can be sung as well.

The complete chant (2 minutes and 58 seconds) is currently available in these formats:

Te avio päläfertiilam.
You are my lifemate.
[You wedded wife-my.
"are" is understood, as is generally the case in Carpathian when one thing is equated with another: "You = my lifemate".]
Teh   aw-vee-oh   paa-laa-fehr-tee-ee-lawm.

Éntölam kuulua, avio päläfertiilam.
I claim you as my lifemate.
[To-me belong-you, wedded wife-my.]
Ayn-tö-lawm   koo-oo-loo-aw,   aw-vee-oh   paa-laa-fehr-tee-ee-lawm.

Ted kuuluak, kacad, kojed.
I belong to you.
[To-you belong-I, lover-your, man/husband/drone-your.]
Tehd koo-oo-loo-awk,   kaw-tsawd,   koh-yehd.

Élidamet andam.
I offer my life for you.
[Life-my give-I. "you" is understood.]
Ayl-ih-da-met   awn-dawm.

Pesämet andam.
I give you my protection.
[Nest-my give-I.]
Peh-saa-meht   awn-dawm.

Uskolfertiilamet andam.
I give you my allegiance.
[Fidelity-my give-I.]
Oo-shkohl-fehr-tee-ee-law-meht   awn-dawm.

Sívamet andam.
I give you my heart.
[Heart-my give-I.]
Shee-vaw-meht   awn-dawm.

Sielamet andam.
I give you my soul.
[Soul-my give-I.]
Shee-ehl-aw-meht   awn-dawm.

Ainamet andam.
I give you my body.
[Body-my give-I.]
Eye-naw-meht   awn-dawm.

Sívamet kuuluak kaik että a ted.
I take into my keeping the same that is yours.
[To-my-heart hold-I all that-is yours.]
Shee-vaw-meht   koo-oo-loo-awk   keye-eek   eht-taa   aw tehd.

Ainaak olenszal sívambin.
Your life will be cherished by me for all my time.
[Forever will-be-you in-my-heart.]
Eye-naw-awk   oh-lehn-sawl   shee-vawm-been.

Te élidet ainaak pide minan.
Your life will be placed above my own for all time.
[Your life forever above mine.]
Teh ay-lee-deht   eye-naw-awk   pee-deh   mee-nawn.

Te avio päläfertiilam.
You are my lifemate.
[You wedded wife-my.]
Teh   aw-vee-oh   paa-laa-fehr-tee-ee-lawm.

Ainaak sívamet jutta oleny.
You are bound to me for all eternity.
[Forever to-my-heart connected are-you.]
Eye-naw-awk   shee-vaw-meht   yoot-taw   oh-leh-nyuh.

Ainaak terád vigyázak.
You are always in my care.
[Forever you I-take-care-of.]
Eye-naw-awk   teh-raad   vee-jyaa-awk.


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